"We are if you won’t let me finish this portrait of Peggy!"

It’s actually (baby)Steve and babysitter!Bucky ;w;

This is also finally happening after 2 years!!


Tony appearing in Cap 3

I hope this is not an elaborated prank because I’ve waited for THREE FUCKING YEARS SOBS

Why so handome, Sir Top Hat?

"Robert Fulbright!!! I don’t care if you have to pretend to be my brother’s boyfriend but if you’re excluding yourself from this photo, I’m going to personally skin you alive!"

Inktober x 100-theme Art Challenge [Family]


"Told you, Apollo. You owe me ten bucks."

Anonymous sent:

Do you post your Inktober stuff somewhere? :3 I'd love to see them!

I post them at my instagram ;w; my username is the same over there!

But just a heads up, I also (quite) actively post pictures of my BJDs there so if dolls creep you out, you better don’t check out my IG X’D

BlackBright (failed) art nouveau!

For Inktober challenge X’D Also for the 100-theme challenge: Light & Dark!

This is always my problem sheesh